Botox, also known as the "Youth Keeping Injectios", is the most common cosmetic procedure that completely reverses the most prominent signs of ageing- WRINKLES!

From celebrities to the guy next door, everyone gets Botox to keep fine lines and wrinkles at bay!

What is Botox?

As a result of repetitive facial actions such as frowning, smiling, clenching or raising the eyebrows our skin gets folded over and over again causing wrinkles and fine lines due to dynamic actions of our facial muscles.

Botox is simply a purified protein that blocks nerve impulses gently paralyzing the muscles to avoid formation of wrinkles.

At Dermalyn, we make sure that the procedure is performed with urmost care by trained doctors so the muscles are just relaxed and not frozen. We want you to look as naturally beautiful as possible and not artificial beauties!

The most common areas it works on are the frown lines, crow’s feet, forehead, laugh lines, neck and back of the hands. It can also be used to fix a droopy smile and for jawline re-shaping.

The effects last for 3-12 months depending on the treatment.