Lip Micropigmentation Treatment Delhi

Lip Micropigmentation is a cosmetic technique of depositing mineral pigments into the superficial layers of the lip using a medical grade needle and device. Also called permanent lipstick/ permanent lip colour/ lip blush/ lip tint/ lip tattooing, Lip micropigmentation is the perfect procedure to get Luscious, pink lips, Naturally.The shape and size of the lips can also be adjusted to some extent using the lip micropigmentation technique.

Who can get lip micropigmentation?

Lip micropigmentation can be done for both Men & Women with dark, pigmented, discoloured lips or for someone looking to get an additional peachy pink tint to their natural lips.

Dermalyn offers a wide range of lip micropigmentation procedures which are customizable according to the client’s indication, need and demand.

  • Permanent Lip Blush: Most suitable for people looking to enhance their natural lip colour giving a tinted effect of the desired colour.
  • Icy Lips: This procedure gives final healed results like that of a tinted lip gloss. Similar to the lip blush, an additional step of introducing gloss-inducing products make the procedure stand out.
  • Dark Lip Rejuvenation: The most common procedure for Indian skin tones is the Dark Lip Rejuvenation. The procedure involves 2 sessions. The first session is the “colour correction” where the darkness and pigmentation of the lips is corrected using cancelling colours according to the client’s undertone. The second session is the ‘ pigment implantation’ where the actual colour according to the client’s need is implanted to get the perfectly healed result.