Jawline Enhancement

With increasing advancements in aesthetic procedures, jawline enhancement tends to get the most prominence among all. At Dermalyn, we offer a wide range of procedures to give you that fine, sharp and knife-edge jawline without going under the knife!

How Can Scalp Micropigmentation Help You?

  • 1. MESOSCULPT: The procedure involves injecting fat dissolving injections to lipolyse the extra fat at the chin, neck and jawline to reveal natural curves of the face with a more prominent jawline.
  • 2. SONICSCULPT: This procedure uses sonic vibrations to melt the fat cells around the jawline, neck and face; simultaneously causes collagen synthesis to get a sharp, firm and defined jawline,
  • 3. BOTOX/Fillers: Blocking the neurotransmitters while gently paralyzing the muscles with botox or by injecting Hyaluronic Acid Fillers to augment the jawline, Botox and Fillers are an amazing option to get faster results for jawline enhancement.
  • 4. SURGICAL THREADS: Being the most common aesthetic procedure for jawline enhancement, thread lifts involve Introducing fine, dissolvable, medical grade threads into the skin and are pulled and tied after creating.