Scalp Microblading (SMB)Treatment in Delhi

Actually, scalp microblading is a technique that creates the appearance of realistic hair follicles on the scalp, by implanting pigment into the scalp with a microblading tool. It can be used by those who have bald patches, thinning hair, or who have had hair transplant surgery and want to improve the look of their hairline. The result is a natural-looking and fuller head of hair.Because it is a semi-permanent treatment, the ideal appearance may fade with time and require touch-up appointments.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are The Benefits of Scalp Microblading?

This is a perfect solution for patients suffering from severe hair loss and tried all treatments for re-growth of hairs. This include patients suffering from cancer, alopecia, hair thinning and Male and Female pattern baldness.

SMP is a Painful Procedure?

A cream is applied to numb the skin, the procedure is absolutely comfortable .If you are uncomfortable you can ask for more local anesthesia.